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Human Way is a boutique consulting company providing human resources services. We have built partnerships in different business areas and we support the development of big, small and start-up companies.We aim to be useful both for business and every applicant motivated for change and professional challenges.


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Търсите да наемете специалист за свободна позиция?

Търсите работа? Разгледайте нашите свободни позиции!

We specialize in the following services:

Identifying and finding potential applicants, recruiting and selection of specialists and managers depending on the business area, the needs and goals of the company.

Reaching professionals with proven experience and narrow specialization for key and strategic positions and finding the so-called “passive applicants”.

Supporting important employees of long standing released as a result of restructuring and reorganization of the company, and assisting in the process of seeking new professional opportunities.

On demand HR services for small companies which need an expert but do not have an open position or start-ups pursuing higher goals and having short deadlines.

On demand recruitment specialists for small companies where the demand for employees varies, as well as for big companies where the recruitment has its peaks and falls.

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Successful Stories

Vesselin Georgiev

Marketing Manager

I’m really impressed with the approach of Human Way, as this is one of the few HR companies that respects not only the employer but also the candidates. At the exact moment they found the company that fits 100% to my goals and ideals. Human Way is different from the rest – with its individual and honest approach in linking employers with employees, for which I cordially recommend them!

Yanita Diamadieva

Engagement Manager

Two years ago,Vili from Human Way contacted me and offered their services in regards with interesting job opportunity.  Even that I was not job hunting at that point in time, I kept in touch. When the moment to start looking for a new job came, I knew exactly who to contact. It was an easy and transparent job search and assessment process. Most importantly, the services Human Way offer are tailored to the candidate’s aspirations and needs.

Desislava Georgieva, ACCA

Financial Manager

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Vili from Human Way. She has an in-depth knowledge about the pharma sector and provided me with an excellent overview of the position she contacted me for. I gained a very good understanding of the content of the job, the job requirements and the corporate culture. She demonstrates professionalism and passion in her work. I highly appreciate her quick response and prompt follow-up during the whole recruitment process.

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