The service includes:

  • Meeting to discuss the role, key skills, knowledge and expertise
  • Preparing profiles of the role and the company which are used in the process of attracting applicants
  • Preparing short list of companies in a similar business area and potential “passive applicants” meeting the requirements
  • Getting in touch with the “passive applicants”, holding informal meetings to discuss the open role and the company
  • Assessing the applicants’ attitudes and motivation
  • Carrying out competency-based interviews
  • Submitting the most successful applicants’ CVs
  • Assisting to set up interviews which can be hold outside client’s office to ensure complete discretion
  • Giving feedback to all the participants, both clients and applicants
  • Assisting the client to prepare and send a job offer to the selected applicant
  • Assisting in the process of negotiating the conditions of work until their final conclusion
  • Communicating with the client and the applicant after the project is completed and assisting in the adaptation process


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